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As we have seen over and over in our ongoing survey of professionals in the septic service industry, only the best and the most dedicated to customer service rise to the top. What this takes is the willingness to do what no one else will and the flexibility to rise to the occasion faster than anyone else can.


The reason the septic service industry is that way is because of the nature of the need it serves. That need is persistent, urgent, and doesn’t wait for contractors to show up a week later. For this reason, the company that is able to get on the scene first with the fastest answer to that need is the one that wins the contract.


So, what if we were to imagine a company in this genre that is fully optimized, not for great septic service, installation, contracting support, or anything like that, but for speed? In our estimation, if you wanted to design a company that’s designed to deliver relief before anyone else has time to load up their trucks, we would design a company like Gotugo.


The one way to speed past all of the competition is by delivering portable rental toilets exclusively. We think you’ll find that Gotugo has specialized more heavily in portable toilet rentals than perhaps any company we’ve covered so far. It’s been through a mix of smart service-focus, knowing their market, and marketing acumen that’s running on all cylinders, that Gotugo has managed to pull far ahead of the competition.


So let’s take a look at how they pull it off so well.



Gotugo: The Formula 1 Car of the Septic Industry

Serving the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area for more than 40 years, Gotugo has worked hard to build its reputation as a provider of the fastest, cleanest, most feature-rich portable bathrooms in the region. You can bet that the story behind their success hasn’t been anywhere near as fast as they have become.


When Gotugo started out in this business, they had to scramble for customers like any other good septic company. They experimented with different lists of products and services and it has only been through risk, trial, failure, error, getting knocked down, and trying again that they eventually struck on their winning formula. 


As their leadership will tell you, ‘It isn’t easy to find the formula that works best. It depends a lot on the character of the community you’re working in. But, after years of trying different service sets, we found that if you just get right to the heart of what people need when they call a company like ours, you can’t lose.’


These comments got us thinking, how many septic service companies could turn their fortunes around on a dime by just retooling themselves into a portable toilet rental service? Thinking this way, it does seem like an increasing number of local-level septic service teams are opting for the porta-potty business model. If this trend continues, we think you can expect the septic service and portable toilets to become separate industries altogether. 


This would make good sense at a time when information technology is pushing more people toward specialization and outsourcing. But only time will tell. 


Then again, Gotugo is not the only business of its kind that focuses on portable rentals, they are just the most successful at it. That means there’s a secret ingredient to their business model. It might be luck, keen intuition about the culture of their service areas, or it might be a stroke of genius. 


Whatever it is, Gotugo is the proof of concept. A quick look at their many glowing reviews and customer comments will back up their claims and their reputation. The question is whether or not their success is repeatable.



Gotugo’s Unmatched Portable Toilet Selection

They offer the traditional port-a-potty with room for one and basic features. They also offer the popular restroom trailer, which is in high demand all across the country. Restroom trailers are popular with contractors and as accommodations for weddings and premium event seating. 


Their portable sinks and hand sanitizers have been all but obligatory over the last three years. These units remain popular even as the COVID scare dies down as people continue to enjoy the feeling of clean hands at public events.


Not to leave their septic service roots behind them, Gotugo also offers non-portable waste-holding tanks. These alternatives to traditional septic tanks are highly durable and easy to install. They are a rough and ready way to provide permanent or semi-permanent septic facilities to campgrounds, construction sites, and more. 


Finally, we have Gotugo’s proprietary containment tray. This novel product is an excellent way to protect the soil wherever port-a-potty mishaps may occur. It’s a great solution to potential spills that can spoil a setting before and after events. 



Gotugo’s Service-Type Focus

Gotugo goes further to ensure they are the right fit for their customer’s needs by focusing on certain types of use cases. They specialize in;


Special Events

Weddings, concerts, and the like have long been the purview of portable toilet rental companies.



Construction sites have always needed special, temporary toileting facilities, and Gotugo has them covered.


Long-Term Use

Where zoning law changes, disasters, and other unforeseeable events make long-term use needed, Gotugo serves.



With one of the most structurally diverse and demanding sets of service areas we’ve seen, Gotugo has their work cut out for them. Given their unique jurisdictional challenges, their choice to focus on toilet rentals makes great sense. 



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