5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hydro Excavator

Construction season has arrived, and hydro excavators are a critical tool for unearthing utility lines without damaging them, trenching and various other applications. A high return on this machinery investment requires giving time and attention to proper care of your safe digging equipment.

With a line of five vacuum excavators, the TRUVAC team knows a thing or two about extending the life of these machines. Here are five best practices to keep your hydro excavator running reliably season after season.

  1. Regular maintenance. Routine upkeep and inspections are important; follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your model. Address issues or abnormalities quickly before they become major problems. A proactive approach ultimately will save you money and prevent unexpected downtime.
  2. Proper operation techniques. Understand the recommended operating parameters, like pressure and flow rates, and avoid exceeding limits. Pay attention to potential hazards on the jobsite that could damage the excavator, and train operators, including regular refresh training, on proper and safe handling of the excavator.
  3. The right tools and accessories. To optimize performance and longevity, use the right tools and accessories for the job. Consider factors such as the type of excavation work, soil conditions and local requirements or restrictions. Consult with industry experts and professionals in the field to help you determine what’s best for your model. Using the correct equipment is more efficient and reduces wear and tear. A hammer can be a screwdriver, but a screwdriver is the more efficient tool.
  4. Damage control. Avoid operating a vacuum excavator in extreme temperatures or with corrosive or abrasive materials. Also, regularly clean your equipment and inspect for signs of damage. Remember to use caution around buried utilities and to safely transport the machine to the jobsite.
  5. Proper storage. Moisture causes rust and will shorten the life of your hydro excavator, so store it in a dry, well-ventilated space. Leaving the debris body door slightly open overnight will allow the debris body to dry out and the door seal to relax and prevent excessive wear.

A vacuum excavator can help you do more faster and safely, making the work more efficient and saving costs. These proactive measures protect the equipment and your investment for years of hard-working use.

TRUVAC specializes in vacuum excavators, with models for any size job, and its extensive dealer network means TRUVAC vacuum excavators are available near you. Visit TRUVAC.com to learn more.

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