Specialized Coverage Options for Portable Restroom Contractors

No one can predict everything. Life, as well as business, is full of risks. The unexpected can happen at any time. However, that doesn’t mean that the unexpected needs to be fatal. Strategies that can mitigate the harm from these risks should be considered and implemented. These strategies usually come in the form of insurance plans. As such, every portable restroom contractor must know the various insurance plans that they can choose from.

The insurance plans that can protect your portable restroom business include:

Pollution Liability Insurance

The portable restroom business handles human waste. As such, its operations need to be managed carefully. One wrong move or mistake can result in accidents such as spills, leaks or overflows. These accidents can constitute environmental pollution. Handling environmental pollution can be expensive as it involves cleanups and fines. Thankfully, pollution liability insurance can cover such costs.

Pollution liability insurance covers the costs associated with the removal and disposal of spilled waste. It also covers legal expenses such as damages or fines that you might have to pay and the fee for legal representation.

Crime Insurance

Construction sites and event venues are some of the main areas where portable restrooms are used. These places are not heavy on security. As such, oftentimes, their portable restrooms are left unsupervised. This makes them easy targets for vandalism and theft. Crime insurance can cover these unexpected losses by covering the costs of replacing the stolen items and repairing those that were damaged.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

All businesses, including portable restroom businesses, are mandated to provide insurance coverage for all their employees. This insurance plan covers the potential risks that can occur to your employees during their work. If a worker gets injured while on the job, workers’ compensation insurance will cover the medical bills. It will also provide the wages of that employee until they are fit to return to work. This makes your business employee-friendly and protects it from lawsuits.

General Liability Insurance

In your business operations, there is always the danger that harm or damage can be caused. This can occur at any point in your operations and in diverse ways. These accidents can affect other people and their property. When these occur, lawsuits and damage claims usually follow.

As the name implies, general liability insurance is a wide-coverage insurance plan that protects your business against property damage claims and third-party injury claims that may arise as a consequence of your business operations. This insurance plan covers the compensation that may be awarded against you and the legal fees that you may be required to pay.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

For portable restroom contractors, motor vehicles are the lifeblood of their business. Without them, portable restroom businesses wouldn’t be able to transport their portable restrooms and equipment to where they are needed. However, there are risks associated with motor vehicle use. These include damage to life and property in automobile accidents.

Motor vehicle insurance will cover the costs you incur if your motor vehicle is damaged and needs to be repaired. It also covers medical and legal expenses when third-party damages and claims are involved in the accident.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Nothing cripples a business as badly as faulty or missing equipment. So, proper maintenance of equipment is important for your portable restroom business. However, mishaps do happen. Your equipment can be affected by vandalism, theft, fire and other unforeseen incidents. Equipment insurance ensures that the costs of repairing damaged equipment or replacing stolen ones are taken care of.

Excess Liability Insurance

Despite all the insurance plans described above, it is still possible for an unforeseen liability to exceed what they can cover. When that occurs, you can fall back on excess liability insurance. As the name implies, excess liability insurance covers the excess of liability that your primary insurance plan could not cover. This ensures that your portable restroom business is protected even when your primary insurance plan is at its limit.

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