Global Environmental & Industrial Response relies on Guzzler during rapid growth

MULBERRY, FLORIDA –- For Global Environmental & Industrial Response, rapid growth over the past four years means three branches, more than 140 employees and five Guzzler industrial vacuum trucks.

“We’re servicing clientele throughout the great state of Florida, the United States, and internationally,” said Nick Soucy, Director of Business Development at Global Environmental & Industrial Response. “Using Guzzler has been key in our performance in vacuum services.”

Those services include water blasting, sulfuric acid tower maintenance and neutralization, catalyst screening and handling, and vacuum truck services. With the main office in Mulberry and branches in Tampa, Bartow, and Ft. Lauderdale, the company ensures a Guzzler vacuum truck is located at each branch.

“Guzzler is a household name,” said Soucy. “We sought out reliability and customer service, which Guzzler’s support is the best in the industry. We were renting Guzzlers any chance we could get, and we bought our first Guzzler in 2021. As we continue growing, we continue to choose Guzzler.”

The company uses the vacuum trucks at industrial plants and utility companies. From removing dry products and soil around live electric lines to clearing liquids and sludge, the Guzzler vacuum trucks help Global Environmental & Industrial Response serve its customers.

“Guzzler is superior, and it really satisfies our customers’ needs,” said Soucy. “That’s why we choose Guzzler. As we’ve built our relationship with Guzzler, the customer service has been top-notch. They’ve handled our needs and quickly turned things around to ensure we stay up and running.”

That need for support is paramount to the team at Global Environmental & Industrial Response because they operate around the clock with shifts running day and night on scheduled work in addition to their emergency response teams. Work can be close to a branch or more than 60 miles away, so support is important.

“We needed a supplier that treats Global with the same priority that we treat our customers with,” said Soucy. “When we call, we get a Guzzler representative, and the problem is immediately handled. That’s key for us.”

In addition to rapidly expanding their fleet, Global Environmental & Industrial Response has also grown their workforce. The staff has quickly shown themselves as true representations of the company with a special focus on safety and quality.

“Our employees get the job done and they do it safely,” said Soucy. “Our operators are well versed in different equipment. They love Guzzler because of its comfortable cab and ease of use as well as how it handles and how it empties. They get the best performance out of Guzzler.”

As Global Environmental & Industrial Response continues to grow, plans include adding to its workforce and fleet while also bringing in new customers.

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About Guzzler

Guzzler is the leader in mobile vacuum solutions. For more than 40 years, Guzzler has supplied industrial and utility customers with a wide range of vacuum equipment built with the user in mind. From its manufacturing facility in Streator, Illinois, Guzzler innovates solutions that help customers increase productivity. Visit for more information.

About Federal Signal

Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE: FSS) builds and delivers equipment of unmatched quality that moves material, cleans infrastructure and protects the communities where we work and live. Founded in 1901, Federal Signal is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of products and total solutions that serve municipal, governmental, industrial and commercial customers. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities worldwide, the Company operates two groups: Environmental Solutions and Safety and Security Systems. For more information on Federal Signal, visit

About Global Environmental & Industrial Response

From its corporate office in Mulberry, Florida, Global Environmental & Industrial Response provides environmental and industrial services throughout the United Sates as well as sulfuric acid and catalyst services internationally. With a focus on exceptional quality of service, the Global Environmental & Industrial Response team upholds strict safety standards across industries. Visit for more information.

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