Tips for Sewer Maintenance 

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When it comes to properly functioning sewer lines, maintenance is essential. Dealing with a blockage or buildup can be time-consuming, but with the right tools, it can be cleared up easily.

  • Treat blockages quickly: As trash, sand, leaves and tree roots build up, blockages occur. These can lead to severe flooding. That’s why it’s imperative to treat a blockage as soon as possible. It’s an emergency that needs dealing with immediately so the problem doesn’t become larger.
  • Establish a routine program: One of the best ways to avoid a blockage and flooding is to have a routine sewer cleaning program. That way the buildup of debris doesn’t occur. How often you clean the sewer will depend on certain variables including its age, location and what season it is. The fall and spring timeframes are likely to have more buildup.
  • Utilize combination sewer cleaners: Vactor combination sewer cleaners provide efficiency and productivity. For example, the iMPACT is maneuverable and able to fit in confined spaces, yet its Jet Rodder water pump enables continuous flows through its entire operating range. It delivers operator ease while also being ideal for cleaning sanitary/storm sewers. Also, the Vactor Water Recycling System saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water every year as sewer lines are maintained and repaired.
  • Start before the sewer: When it comes to buildup in the sewer, one helpful way of decreasing that buildup is to ensure some of those materials never reach the sewer. Part of that involves educating the homes and businesses in your community about waste. The other part involves cleaning off the streets. For example, regular street sweeping can keep leaves, sand and other debris from ending up in the sewer.
  • Train your team: Whether you hire a contractor or employ an internal team, ensure they’re trained for handling sewer cleaning properly. This includes being able to understand how much pressure to apply to clear a blockage. Vactor’s IntuiTouch one-touch in-cab controls along with its IntuiTouch control panel help operators by combining cleaning functions into one panel that can be used with the touch of a button.

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