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Nestled between the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, the Boise National Forest, and the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is the unassuming little town of Caldwell, Idaho. It’s along the western outer metro radius of Boise, about 27 miles from downtown. In this unique locale, business owner Perry Sevy and his partner Zack McKellar operate Canyon Septic Services, one of the area’s best established and most reputable service providers. Each of the partners runs one of the two separate service channels that constitute this 33-year-old company.

The Canyon Septic Services Local Brand

Perry Sevy has proven his talent in the industry the hard way — through the long test of time. Sevy has built a well-trusted local brand, but he reflects on work yet to be done to improve the company’s market position. “People tell me all the time that I need to do something about the website.” He says he knows it doesn’t have all the good-looking stuff that other sites have and that he is mindful of the advice to have more work done to it.

It’s objectively true that the site is very basic and unadorned, offering just the facts. However, the site’s simplicity has very appealing aspects. The all-business style of the site gives it a sleek look. It’s economically written. It contains well-working internal links. And, it features a clear explanation of the company’s services.

The highlight of the website is a small but astonishing array of the most exciting fieldwork photos in the industry! They shock the visitor with a clearer perspective on what life in the septic services profession is like in some of the more remote and exotic regions where US liquid waste services are provided.

Perry called our attention to these exciting elements of the business marketing site. He asked if we had seen the picture of him in a hole. That extraordinary photo looks more like Perry had been pounded into the ground with a sledgehammer. That’s how tight around him the earth is packed. We asked if he put his whole body and even his head all the way down inside that hole. He said he did, because it was necessary for the type of septic inspection task he was doing.

In any case, incomparably powerful photos of Perry Sevy doing his extreme inspection and service work in the field escalate the potency of his business’s website as a marketing and branding asset.

High-Adventure Service Role in the Idaho Outback!

In the above-mentioned photo of Perry squeezed into a hole in the ground so narrow that it looks like it was custom cut to fit every contour of his body precisely, he is fully descending, head and all, to perform his critical septic inspection work! If that’s not chilling enough, there’s

also an aerial shot of him standing with another mountain-man type beside one of Canyon’s well-equipped and immaculately maintained vehicles, all perched on the side of an outrageously steep mountain slope (at what appears to be about a 55-degree incline)! It’s an image of literally high adventure in a man’s professional responsibilities as he faces the staggering vertical challenges of the Idaho wilderness.

The Canyon site’s collective web pictorial skyrockets this small business to the top of the national industry in terms of compelling branding imagery. By that, the business is identifiable as a highly resolved team of daring professionals who will go to virtually any extent with their service for their customers. It’s fair to say that they work in some of the most extreme conditions in septic services or any other industry. Arguably, that’s even in contrast to the back-country providers we’ve interviewed in rural Alaska, Colorado, and Montana.

Canyon Septic Services Top-Quality Equipment

We commented on the display of one beautiful Canyon Septic pumper tank truck after another across the internet, and various types of industrial equipment — all in impeccably clean and new-looking condition. That’s a known confidence-builder for prospective customers, of course. It certainly inspires our confidence, as mere observers, in the business’s management based on these and many other public indicators of the Canyon company’s current state of operational quality.

The impressive equipment juxtaposed in the aerial shot of Perry Sevey standing casually but with authority on a steep mountainside, for example, tells us what we want to know about the skill, professionalism, and intrepid nature of this Idaho operator. There in the sun with a big protective floppy hat on and a very rough off-grid dwelling hanging off a veritable cliff-side above him, Perry makes an imposing figure of something exceptional in the world of commercial and residential service work.

The array of glowing customer comments accumulated over the past 30 years rounds out all we’ve learned about how the Canyon Septic Services brand has been built in the local Boise and greater southern Idaho market.

Canyon Septic Business Model

Perry has been in business in Idaho since 1991. Through the years, the company has offered a vast array of services. They specialized in pumping, installation, repair, and replacement, remedial measures to boost the efficiency of existing drain fields, and they offered many other septic services. But, in more recent years, Perry has streamlined his business model.

He explained that some years ago he sold the pumping side of the business to Zack. He said the company no longer does installations and clarified that he now primarily does inspections and Zach does the pumping work as his part of the business.

The full range of septic services Canyon Septic now advertises on its website includes septic tank pumping, cleaning, maintenance, and repair. The latter includes aerobic treatment systems and most other types of septic systems.

Perry is certified by the state and the manufacturer as a provider for BioMicrobics, Norweco, Jet, Oscar, Septitech, and Orenco aerobic treatment systems. The certification further applies to servicing recirculating gravel filter systems.

Canyon Septic Service Quality Stands Out in Its Market

Canyon is included on lists posted on Yelp, the BBB site, and Angi’s list as a preferred septic services company in the Boise area. Customer reviews across the board emphasize how informative, efficient, and friendly Perry and Zack are, and how far over and above the expected help these entrepreneurs have gone to help customers obtain lasting solutions.

Over its decades in operation, the Canyon organization certainly appears to have lived up to its policy of providing reliable and honest service and pricing. After 33 years, the team further still appears to approach each new opportunity to help people who need the types of services they offer as a chance to earn their business.

Leadership at Canyon Septic Services

Perry expressed concern about the fact that Canyon is “just a little business” and probably “not up to the standard of a national magazine.” It seemed like an outsized platform on which to cover his company’s obscure story. But, at Canyon, we find rugged professionals. Their story is fascinating and worthy of being told to the world.

Sevy and McKellar run the classic small business that makes a big difference for the people in its service market. For their exceptional caliber of service ethic, they certainly merit national recognition as the exemplar of what all business owners throughout the septic services industry should aspire to provide for their patrons throughout the country.

The busy little company serves Canyon, Ada, Payette, and Owyhee counties as well as Jordan Valley and even parts of adjacent east Oregon. So, we further extend our appreciation to Perry for his generous sharing of information with the ALW readers that helps raise the overall quality of the septic service industry to the benefit of all of its business owners, workers, and customers nationwide.

Canyon Septic Services, LLC is, above all, a uniquely interesting small business — just quietly doing extraordinary work up there in the mountains of the great northwest US. Industry expert, Perry Sevy, and his company stand out in the field as an optimal model of professionalism and dedication to a superior level of service. Congrats to the Canyon Septic Services team, which has proven through decades of operations, even under the most daunting circumstances, that it performs above and beyond established standards.


For more information about Canyon Septic Services, LLC, Caldwell Idaho, you can call (208) 454-2692 or visit


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