Understanding Your Unique Market

Becoming the go-to septic service provider (SSP) in your service area requires an active awareness and mastery of the market and region. Nine times out of ten, an area’s leading SSP achieves a winning position through an admixture of blind luck and elbow grease. However, with the right mindset and a fair amount of research, you may be able to pull it off with purpose.


The following pointers are based on our ongoing survey of thousands of small, medium, and large local-level septic service providers in the United States and Canada. A few of them are nearly a century old, some just a few years, but they all have most of the attributes described below in common.



7 Keys to Mastering Your Unique Market

You’ll notice that all of these tips are grounded a knowledge of your unique market, plus an applied methodology to make your unique value proposition work for your customers. Therefore, the one overarching tip we would give any new SSP is to understand the people, land, history, and economy you work in.


Enter at The Right Place and Time

In many cases, the best time to enter a given market is right when land is being developed for new homes. This is your chance to win over new customers, land construction contracts, and earn a reputation for solving the kinds of problems that come with the breaking of new ground. Often, the best new areas of opportunity are relatively remote, giving you a chance to build your brand without much competition.


Grasp Local Psychology

If you’ve ever spent much time in an area that’s drastically different from the one you grew up in, you might have noticed that it’s a bit like moving to a new country. People speak differently, think differently, and interact differently. You don’t have to imitate their colloquialisms, but you should try to understand their mindset and sensibilities. It could be something as simple as incorporating the colors of a favored sports team into your brand image. But mostly, it’s about blending in with their style and their attitude.


Know the Area’s Geological Peculiarities

The geological features of the area can determine the abilities you should have in order to become a leading SSP. A high water table, fault-lines, lakes, prominent bodies of water, and dramatic weather changes, are all great examples of this. Likewise, the presence of aging municipal water treatment and irrigation systems could either mean a lot or very little work for you. Knowing that will take some research. But overall, you must have tools and abilities that can solve common construction problems in your service area.


Perceive What the Other Guy Won’t or Doesn’t Do

It can be tough to find services not offered in a given area, especially if it is well-developed. Your area may lack SSPs that offer 24/7 availability. There may be a lack of restaurant grease trap cleaning. Maybe repairs, septic system design, or portable toilet rentals are lacking. Whatever it is, you want to find it and provide it. That could mean putting a new face on an old type of service, or doing business in a way the other guys don’t.


Offer Solutions that Complement Other Local Services

Landing contracts with construction companies is an excellent idea, especially if you offer portable toilet rentals. If you can help a big construction job go smoothly by providing superior portable toilet rentals, you’ll probably win a lasting partnership with that company. That’s just one reason why it’s a good idea to move in on developing locations.


Keep Your Eye on New Septic Tech

Septic technology does change. Perhaps, more importantly, the laws, regulations, and best practices of the septic industry will change. Oftentimes, a county or township will experiment with the next newest "environmentally friendly" septic tank design. Whether or not it’s a good design, having the ability to work with it can mean a load of guaranteed contracts.


Get There Faster

The one thing that most determines whether you get return business is the speed at which you deliver service. For this reason, portable toilet rentals and 24/7 availability are the two most effective business strategies in this industry at this time. Getting there faster, providing relief, and leaving the other SSPs in your dust is the way to victory in this business.


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