Top 7 Traits of a Successful Septic Service Company

Over the last few years, we’ve covered dozens of local-level septic service companies. In so doing, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes these types of businesses successful. For a start, it takes a special kind of person to do septic repair and installation. In addition to that, these professionals tend to have more grit and resolve than the average person these days.

That said, let’s take a look at the top seven traits of a successful septic service business. 



Top 7 Traits of a Successful Septic Service Company

Keep in mind these traits are for local-level septic businesses. While a big, nationwide company in this industry will need these traits as well, we would not say that these traits define them. What follows are virtues indispensable to and indivisible from a top-notch, local-level septic service company.


1. The Right Equipment

This part will come as no surprise to you. You need a quality truck, which we have covered in detail recently. But more importantly, you need specialized equipment suited to the geological peculiarities of your service area. For example, if you have a high water table, the ability to repair tanks in unusual situations is indispensable. You need to be able to cope with the unknown. When situations like this are present, you may be able to take a bite out of the local construction trade, which can put a small septic business over the top. 


2. Speedy Customer Satisfaction

In the septic service industry you serve a need that is, shall we say, urgent. That being the case, you need to be able to respond and deliver on that immediate need quickly. One great way to do that is to offer portable toilet rentals. With this capability, you can arrive and meet their needs quickly even if repairs or installation will take a long time. Customers remember things like this, and they will offer repeat business. 


3. Customer Service to a Fault

One thing every great local septic company does is attend to the needs and concerns of the customer fully and completely. They don’t walk off the job until the customer understands what they have received and knows that the job has been completed to or beyond their expectations. Sometimes, this can be a challenge. But when you leave the customer happy, that’s a repeat customer. 


4. Know Your Service Area

This goes back to having the right equipment. It means understanding the underlying and subconscious motivations of the market. This can be a tough one to pin down. But if you work in your hometown, know the area well, and understand the geological needs of your area, you will be able to deliver like few others can.


5. Market-Specific Business Mastery

This comes down to understanding the amount of property development in your area, real estate trends, and especially any particular traits that make your area special. For example, college towns and artsy towns have a lot of concerts. Others have a lot of weddings, and still others have a lot of corporate events. For these, high-end porta-potties are fantastic. But this is just an example of catering to the unique market characteristics of an area. 


6. Superior Communication

This is part of customer service. But you can expand on quality customer care by offering a blog on popular questions concerning septic systems. The more you can inform your customer before they buy, the more they will trust you. The local-level septic industry is unique in that you benefit from transparency, so take advantage of that.


7. Superior Information

Doubling down on the value of your blog, (which is also good for your SEO results), you need to be able to make the customer feel like an expert before they even call you. This is the way to attract the smartest, savviest customers out there. You know, those DIY guys who will look for every bargain they can find. If you can add them to your customer base, you’re golden. They will give you great word-of-mouth advertising. The way to win them over is to have lots of clear and well-organized information on your site. Just make sure it’s accurate because they’ll find out if it isn’t.




Admittedly, these traits may seem somewhat obvious. But, in our ongoing survey of local-level septic companies, we have seen these traits over and over. You don’t see a septic company last very long if it is missing more than two of these. The only way around the need to fill out this list fully is to have the kind of capital it takes to build a nationwide franchise from scratch. 


But the septic companies we know and love don’t win by throwing money at their problems. They win through persistence, market-specific wisdom, and a dogged determination to serve their communities.

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