Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading

Having served Granite Falls, North Carolina, and the surrounding area for more than 60 years, Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading is likely the oldest septic company we have covered. Ordinarily, we find something special in the companies we profile and Bumgarner is no exception. What makes them special is they had to establish themselves in a time that we have not covered before, as well as having had to survive times we are familiar with. Naturally, our first question concerned how they got started and what it was like booting up a new septic business in the 1960s.


In today’s business climate, the way to start a septic business is to write a business plan, buy or finance the equipment, get licensed and insured, and start serving customers. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but it is fairly simple compared to starting up in other industries. Where it gets tough is in beating the competition, and handling the unexpected out in the field. As we’ve said again and again, the key ingredient is to do what the other guys won’t do and do it faster.


In addition to this, a smart septic service proprietor will understand the community they serve, know the geological peculiarities of the area, and offer value-added services like portable toilet rentals, and other specialty services.


Enter Bumgarner Septic. 


When they got started, the septic industry was still a tumultuous thing. But they had three things on their side; experience, an under-served community in need of service, and the determination to get the job done. They entered the field at a time when regulatory requirements were not as strict as they are now. This gave them the ability to service any kind of tank in any conditions. Of course, there was a lot of learning on the job to be done. But they had the tools and the expertise to push through it. 


Like many great small to medium-sized septic service companies, Bumgarner Septic prides itself on being honest and hardworking. These are qualities that can separate the wheat from the chaff in this industry, and that’s a big part of why we care about this business. Bumgarner Septic managed to earn the trust of their community, and when handled right, that is a commodity that’s tough to beat.


At the end of the day, through grit and talent, Bumgarner Septic managed to establish itself as the go-to septic service company in their region. This leaves us with the question, of how did they survive industry-disrupting changes since then?


As usual, we can answer this question by looking at their unique service list.



Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading: Services

This company’s list of services is both spare and comprehensive. On the surface, they only do septic service and grading. But they don’t just do the bare minimum, they do everything you could possibly need in these categories. 


Septic Services

They do new system installation, repairs, line draining, pumping, and inspections. They also offer point-of-sale inspections, jet washing, tank location, grease trap cleaning, septic risers, and camera inspections. What’s more, they serve both commercial and industrial clients.



Now, this is not a service we’ve ever seen bundled in with the capabilities of an ordinary septic service company. Part of the rationale behind this is the fact that they got started back when their community was more or less underdeveloped. They couldn’t just pull up and install a septic tank on untouched lots. Many locations had to be leveled, graded, and prepped for septic installation. A lot of happy Bumgarner Septic customers would get their tanks installed, and then the construction company would arrive to find a lot ready to build on. So this is a foundational capability of Bumgarner Septic.


They do lot clearing, landscaping, backhoe work, hauling, demolition, and debris removal. They also prep areas for new driveways, dig new basements, backfill homes, and waterproof basements.


In the dozens of companies we’ve covered over the last four years, not one has offered anything like this. For the Bumgarner Septic company, it’s just part of who they are. In reality, they are part construction company and part septic service company. To get started setting up a company like this today would seem like insanity. But the people around Granite Falls have come to depend on Bumgarner Septic for these services, making the company a pasting institution.



Building Trust in a Unique Location

With their robust property prep capabilities, Bumgarner Septic was able to get a foothold in a location where few others could. With a high occurrence of hard stone in the soil, complex waterways, and a unique water table, only a company with special lot prepping capabilities like Bumgarner could meet the demand for septic service in the area. 


This is where this company was able to get ahead of even its most determined competition. No matter how eager to serve another company was, if they couldn’t deal with the needs of this rugged and varied landscape, they simply could not get the job done. In cases like these, Bumgarner Septic would show up and save the day. 


At the end of the day, the secret to their success is being able to handle the needs of an area at a time when no one else could.


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