Developing a Customer Loyalty Plan for Your Septic Service Company

Developing customer loyalty is important for any business of any size, location, and marketing demographic. But for a septic service company, it’s absolutely critical. That’s because you have a marketing demographic that is limited to your geographic area. It’s also because scaling up your services takes a significant investment in people and equipment. It is also because your services have to be delivered in person. 


If you lose a customer, you have to replace him with another local customer. There’s no going online for buyers on the other side of the country. So it’s time to get serious about curating customer loyalty.



7 Ways to Curate Customer Loyalty in the Septic Service Industry

These seven tips are specifically selected for the septic service industry. In recent years, we have reviewed and scrutinized hundreds of local-level septic businesses and found that these tips are crucial for the industry. These are not the only ways to develop a loyal customer base, but they are the most reliable and important ways.


1. Deliver Fast, Reliable, High-Quality Customer Service

Above all, a good septic service company does what no one else wants to do. They do it faster, first, get it right the first time, and don’t walk off the job until it’s done to the customer’s satisfaction. Most importantly, they give the customer a place to use as a restroom at a competitively rapid speed. 


That is the one thing that makes a septic company stand out most. That is also why so many local-level septic service companies offer portable rental toilets. It gives you the ability to offer them needful relief within minutes after you arrive. Even if you only offer the basic unit types, you will beat any competitor who does not do this.


2. Focus on Customer Convenience

Today’s buyer prefers to complete orders without talking on the phone. Ideally, they should be able to engage your service through an online portal. A whopping 67% of surveyed customers said convenience was high on their list of factors making them more likely to offer return custom. 


Related to this, the second most important thing a septic service company can offer is 24/7 service. If they know they can order service at any time online and get a rapid response, there is nearly a 100% chance they will call you the next time they need septic service. 


3. Let Them Make Contact

The third most important factor is the ability to talk to a customer service professional. For the 33% who don’t insist on full online ordering capabilities, the ability to talk to a representative is a must. If you have 24/7 availability, this should not be a big stretch. But most importantly, they should have access to someone who can answer all their questions about your service at least during regular business hours. 


4. Know Them By Name

With modern mobile technology, knowing the names of returning customers and callers is pretty easy. But ideally, if they contact you through social media, email, or other means, you want to have customer service software that will share their information between channels. Short of that, you might need a full-time customer service professional to make sure these things happen and happen smoothly, which is a good idea to have anyway.


5. Be Available Online

It’s a good idea to have as robust an online presence as possible. Social media is not a must for septic service companies, but it is a good idea. It is an easy way to allow them to talk with a live, or at least a responsive, customer service person. 


6. Extend Special Offers by Mail

Twenty-eight percent of surveyed customers said that they like to receive offers via physical mail. For a septic service, this is a good way to lock in their custom long before they call. Homeowners are likely to keep valuable coupons, and if they already know you and appreciate the way you do business, this is a win-win maneuver. 


7. Consider Septic-Centric Value-Added Services

Once again, consider portable toilet rentals and 24/7 on-call availability. In addition to this, you do need to tailor your service to geological conditions in your service area. If there’s a high water table, bodies of water, seismic activity, or hills and mountains, then your repair abilities need to be second to none. 


For this, we recommend looking at our monthly spotlight where we talk about what makes various companies successful in their time, location, and local population. 



More than anything, you need to be quick to respond and deliver effective service. There are a lot of ways to do that. Sometimes the best ways depend on your location, but getting there fast, working fast, and getting the job done right the first time is essential. 



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