B&C Septic Service

Founded in 1989 by Bob and Cheryl Brooks, B&C Septic Service is a local-level septic company that delivers excellent service and has a dedicated customer base.


B&C Septic: An Agile Septic Service Business Model

 Between the years 1989 and 2000, it was just Bob and Cheryl running the entire operation. They brought their son on board in 2000, and he is now part owner. Since then, they have onboarded a few new members; seven, to be precise. These makeup just a couple of truck crews, office management personnel, and their vice president. 




 After talking to our point of contact, we can say that our first instincts about this company were correct. That is to say, they work in a small community where word gets around fast, one where advanced septic services were slow to arrive back in the 70s and 80s. This gave B&C a chance to get established at a time when other companies would normally impose a heavily competitive presence. 


It was in this environment that B&C Septic Service managed to become a thriving company. So, let’s take a closer look at their methods and their unique service area.



Making a Lean Business Model Work

As we have established over months and years of reporting on successful septic businesses, the one thing it takes to win in this industry is rapid customer service followed by quality work. That is where B&C Septic Service shines. 


When Bob and Cheryl Brooks started B&C in 1989, they had rapid response built-in to their little company. With a single truck and a community that was hungry for service, there was nothing to prevent them from arriving first with a complete, quality solution to every basic septic need. 


Over the years, as they slowly built up their assets, adding teams and capabilities, speedy delivery was always ingredient number one. Today, that is what their reputation is built on. Just looking over their customer reviews, it’s clear that when the people of Sellersville need septic service, they know the fastest way to get it is by calling B&C. 


Naturally, their geographic location also comes with unique challenges to underground septic systems. As B&C has grown, it developed just the right additional mission-critical service at the right time. This has ensured that not only are they the first to arrive, but that they are the first to arrive ready to render whatever service process the job calls for. 


Looking at their unique set of services provided, it’s clear to anyone with experience in local-level septic work in the area, that B&C has what it takes.



B&C Services

This company does not fool around with unnecessary processes. They show up ready to deliver any of a handful of core septic services.


  • Pumping: The most basic septic service, B&C knows that pumping is almost always the fastest way to give the customer what he needs.


  • Repair: When there’s more than a full tank or a clog, usually there is something that needs to be repaired. When this is the case, B&C has the tools and the know-how to deliver results.


  • Maintenance: Sometimes confused with repair, maintenance is largely about the prevention of damage through wear and tear. When a septic system goes unmaintained, failure is inevitable. 


  • Installation: In locations where the city sewer cannot reach, and homes that want something more than the standard system, B&G is ready to install top-of-the-line, private septic systems.


  • Hauling: Of course, after every pumping job, hauling is required. B&C never leaves the burden on the customer to remove the contents of their system.



This set of basic septic services is listed in order of necessity. They will tell you, most of what they do is pumping. After all, even when a customer is connected to the city sewer, their system can get clogged and back up. Most of the time when that happens, a septic service provider is often more qualified for the job than a full-service plumber. 


After that, repair, maintenance, installation, and hauling tend to happen in the order listed. As our contact told us, “Technically hauling happens as a second step, but by that time, the customer’s need is already met, and we prioritize in terms of their pain points.”


It’s that type of thinking that makes B&C Sellersville’s first choice in septic service.

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