Advanced Septic Services

Advanced Septic Services is yet another one-of-a-kind local-level septic service company that has more to offer than the competition, and a compelling unique value proposition, (UVP). So, you might be asking, what is so unique about their UVP? It’s simple. They deliver septic services with a set of additional capabilities that are designed to serve a unique community with unique needs. But before we get into that, let’s get to know the company a little better.



Advanced Septic Services: Company & Mission

Founded in the early 2000s, Advanced Septic Services provides a range of septic services from cleaning to repairs, and more. Not surprisingly, they also offer portable toilet rentals for customers and clients that need usable facilities immediately. As our regular readers will know, offering portable toilet rentals gives a septic service company the ability to serve an immediate need within hours, (if not faster), giving them speed and customer service above and beyond those that don’t.


But moving beyond the typical septic service capabilities, Advanced Septic Services begins to really set itself apart from the competition. They do this with mini-backhoe excavation, sewer, drain line, and plumbing services, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.


But first, let’s cover their mission. We think you’ll find that their approach to delivering septic service is in alignment with the unique needs of their community as well as with the services and work ethic that has been proven to be a formula for success. The first descriptor in the mission section of their About Us page is “old-fashioned, prompt, reliable, and friendly service.” For local-level septic service companies, the ability to deliver fast relief to those whose septic systems suddenly fail is key to cornering a market.


In locations where weather and geological concerns exacerbate the typical challenges faced by septic systems, those who will readily do what others hesitate to do will get the competitive edge. So, let’s talk about how they positioned themselves to earn such a reputation.



The Advanced Septic Services Approach to Quality

One of the first things a geologist will notice about the Landisburg, PA area is a unique combination of mountains, valleys, rivers, a high water table, and a wide variety of extreme geological conditions. Construction companies would be acutely aware of this, making Advanced Septic a go-to septic solution for that industry. But it also means that geological uncertainty is a major factor.


Naturally, that means unexpected septic and underground plumbing needs are going to be in high demand. In case it’s not glaringly obvious, this is the reason Advanced Septic offers mini-backhoe services, plumbing, and portable toilet work.


That being the case, in our estimation, any septic company working in this part of the country would be remiss to fail to offer all of these services and more. The reasons for this should be obvious. With wide variations in geological conditions, rocky formations, high water tables, shifting terrain, and more, backhoe services make a heck of a lot of sense.


After looking through a list of similar companies all along this mountainous region that runs from the Scranton area all the way down to northern Alabama, the pattern is fairly clear. Any company working in these locations needs to be able to do more than just pump and service septic systems. They need to be able to perform minor earth moving, trenching, plumbing, and excavation services as well. These things are high on Advanced Septic’s list of offerings.


What’s more, it might not be immediately obvious why they would go with a mini-backhoe rather than a larger one. But this suggests to us that they probably knew what they were doing long before they started doing it in an official capacity. Interestingly, this is reflected in their company timeline as described on their About Us Page.


While Advanced Septic claims to have started in the early 2000s, the timeline of their experience in the industry goes back all the way to 1996. After talking with a representative of the company, it became clear to us that they do not count their formative years, indeed their education, as part of their quantifiable service experience.


For clarity, a writer (for example) is likely to include his college years as part of his work experience. That is exactly what Advanced Septic doesn’t do. They waited until they got the craft down pat before they started making claims of expertise.


That, frankly, is impressive!



The Development of Superior Customer Services

The company acquired its first septic truck in 1995. That’s when Advanced Septic Services was officially founded. But in reality, they consider their true start to have taken place in 1998 when they first onboard their digging machines. This is the point when they became truly competitive and were able to pull ahead of the competition by delivering a level of service quality that other septic companies in the area simply could not match.


So, what is the lesson of Advanced Septic? It’s simple. The lesson is that you need to understand the specific needs that geological conditions will impose on the community you intend to serve. Other considerations to take into account include regulatory compliance.


But time and time again, our ongoing survey has shown that if you hope to gain a critical edge in this industry you need to become a master of the land itself, and that is where Advanced Septic Services wins hands down.

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